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Coming soon! Cooking classes targeting children with celiac disease, diabetes and children with autism.

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Huntington's Kitchen in downtown Huntington, WV was originally established as "Jamie's Kitchen" during the television production of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Season 1. The kitchen came to life as a warm and welcoming environment, where people from the community could gather to learn to cook with fresh, wholesome ingredients.

When filming wrapped, Ebenezer Medical Outreach, a local non-profit healthcare provider, stepped in to oversee operations of the kitchen, which was supported financially by Cabell Huntington Hospital. Ebenezer Medical Outreach managed Huntington’s Kitchen for three years and, with financial support from the hospital totaling more than a quarter of a million dollars over those years, was able to provide hundreds of cooking classes to well over a thousand local residents.

On August 1, 2013, Cabell Huntington Hospital assumed full management and oversight of Huntington’s Kitchen, and with the input and assistance from an active community advisory panel, began to offer a wide array of cooking classes, demonstrations and events designed to measurably improve the health status of the community.

January 2016 marked a new beginning for Huntington’s Kitchen, thanks to a partnership with Marshall University Department of Dietetics, which has moved to Huntington’s Kitchen to advance their shared mission and to enhance, promote and improve healthy eating, education and quality of life for residents of Huntington and surrounding Tri State area.

“The Kitchen will continue to offer cooking classes and health-related seminars," said Veronica Hordubay, manager at Huntington’s Kitchen. “This exciting partnership will bring an interactive learning and teaching environment to Marshall University students and the larger community, helping us reach even more people who wish to live healthier lives through the services provided at Huntington’s Kitchen.”

Hordubay said the Kitchen has served more than 5,000 people since October 2014, and she anticipates those numbers increasing once the partnership is established.

To mark their new partnership, representatives from the Marshall University Department of Dietetics and Cabell Huntington Hospital conducted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Jan. 14, 2016. Photo courtesy of Larry Butcher of The Herald-Dispatch


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