Huntington's Kitchen


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Manager of Huntington's Kitchen, Chef Marty Emerson

Huntington's Kitchen is a community food center, where people come to learn, cook and experience everything that well-prepared food and healthy living have to offer. The facility boasts a fully equipped kitchen that accommodates up to 16 cooking students.

Our mission at Huntington's Kitchen is simple. We're here to help prevent and reduce diet-related disease through education about healthy food and healthy cooking. Our goal is to share information with everyone, regardless of cooking experience. Our schedule typically features activities related to:

  • cooking basics
  • recipes and ingredients
  • nutrition basics
  • using local and seasonal food
  • shopping on a budget

We also host special activities for more experienced cooks and diners.

At times, Huntington's Kitchen serves as a community health center, offering free health screenings for early detection of certain diseases. We actively promote the importance of healthy behaviors to improve quality of life. Please remember that this is HUNTINGTON'S Kitchen, and your questions, ideas and suggestions are welcome. Please contact us to share them.


Huntington's Kitchen in downtown Huntington, WV was originally established as "Jamie's Kitchen" during the television production of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Season 1. The kitchen came to life as a warm and welcoming environment, where people from the community could gather to learn to cook with fresh, wholesome ingredients.

When filming wrapped, Ebenezer Medical Outreach, a local non-profit healthcare provider, stepped in to oversee operations of the kitchen, which was supported financially by Cabell Huntington Hospital. Ebenezer Medical Outreach managed Huntington's Kitchen for three years and, with financial support from the hospital totaling more than a quarter of a million dollars over those years, was able to provide hundreds of cooking classes to well over a thousand local residents.

participant groupOn August 1, 2013, Cabell Huntington Hospital assumed full management and oversight of Huntington's Kitchen, and began to offer a wide array of cooking classes, demonstrations and events designed to measurably improve the health and wellness of the community.

January 2016, marked a new beginning for Huntington's Kitchen, thanks to a partnership with Marshall University Department of Dietetics, which has moved to a classroom and offices just above Huntington's Kitchen to advance their shared mission and enhance, promote and improve healthy eating, education and quality of life for residents of Huntington and surrounding Tri-State area.

Manager of Huntington's Kitchen, Chef Marty Emerson said the partnership has enhanced the experience, "Through a variety of classes offered to the public and educational opportunities for Marshall University Dietetics students, we are continually producing healthy outcomes throughout the region. Our partnership has strengthened our mission and given us more resources to meet the health needs of our community through cooking classes, demonstrations and health education."

Emerson said the Kitchen has served more than 10,000 people through on-site education, outreach, community events and partnerships since October 2014, and he anticipates those numbers increasing as Huntington's Kitchen continues to expand and integrate throughout the region.

Our Team

chef marty

Chef Marty Emerson

Marty Emerson, Manager

Chef Marty Emerson brings a fun and exciting touch to the classes he teaches. With more than 14 years of culinary experience he brings a wealth of knowledge in teaching a wide variety of classes and cooking techniques. He was a part of Huntington's Kitchen at its birth as an intern with Chef Jamie Oliver during his visit to Huntington while filming his show Jamie's Food Revolution. He has taught and helped with various classes at the Kitchen since it was opened and partners with various organizations to bring healthy cooking to the Tri-State.

Kelli Williams, Dietetics Department Chair

kelli williams

Kelli Williams

Kelli Williams, PhD, RD, LD, is Department Chair and Associate Professor of Dietetics at Marshall University. She received her doctorate degree from The Ohio State University and has worked in various settings as a dietitian. Her primary interests are in health promotion/disease prevention and obesity. She has conducted research on food availability for rural elderly, perceptions of healthy diet and weight among Appalachian adolescents and the impact of nutrition education in schools.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers help sustain Huntington's Kitchen and serve as informal ambassadors for our facility and the programs we offer. Learn more about the different options available to suit your schedule. Every hour you have to give is appreciated!